About us

BOONZIE was made with one thought in mind, a bag that is designed for mothers to wear with pride. It’s for the mothers whom love to dress up and a mother with style, it’s for that mothers that need a boost to empower her daily routine, it’s for the mothers who loves to explore and for the mothers who put her children first but yet not forgetting her self. It made to boost mothers so that you feel and look like them self . It’s made so that you wear your confidence on your selves. It’s made to evolve with you, from a mother to boss mom. It’s not just a bag, it’s everything that you are. 

Hello there boonzie mom, thank you so much for choosing boonzie to be apart of this wonderful journey called motherhood. It’s an honor that boonzie gets to be with you daily and help you with everything that you need in a baby bag. 

I've been in the fashion industry for 10 years now. Starting with a Street brand to founding my own shoe company then handbags, I’ve found love in designing beautiful pieces made to its highest quality. There is nothing like designing something and seeing it come to life, I have to admit I am a little vain when it comes to my designs as I can admire them for days when the first samples come in as it is more beautiful in real life then it was in my mind. So when I started designing Boonzie I made sure that it is more then just a baby bag, it’s designed to look beautiful on every hand that carries it. It’s designed for mothers. 

Boonzie was made because I could not find a bag that suits me as a mom. I myself take pride in what I wear and all the baby bags out there didn’t fit my look. That was when boonzie was born, it is designed to empower. I’ve also made this bag so that it has all that a mother needs when it comes to organizing and making going out easy. It’s a bag that will evolve with you from motherhood to life after the baby bag phase is done. It’s a bag that starts of as a baby bag then It can be your work bag or just your daily bag as it is designed to keep your life organize and make sure that you look fabulous at all times. 

Using the highest quality of leather so that it’s durable for your daily life. We take pride in the details that we put in designing our bag. Each bag comes with its own removable pouch to make your diaper change easy. Everything about the boonzie bag it’s thought of from how you wear it to every pockets and compartment. It’s made to look like it’s a bag designed for you as a women but have all that you need as a mother.

Design to make you look like a women, made for you to be a mom